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Zombie Summer Camp

Pre-registration discounts for the 2015 season of the original Zombie Survival Summer Camp have been released.  We are expecting the season to fill up, so sign up for Zombie Summer Camp today and get free admission to our Equinox Event on March 21. Call (781) 270-4800 to register. 

Outpost 379 of  Sidleterra has called for reinforcements…

Will you be one of the Defenders to answer?
Will you be the one to accept the mission,
end the onslaught of zombies,
and bring peace to the future of this wounded land
and to her people striving for rebirth?
Take up your NERF® Blaster, load up your darts and your med kit,
and prepare to unlock the mystery protected by the undead.

But only if you survive!

Join us brave Defender. Your adventure awaits you….

At Zombie Summer Camp – with Nerf Blasters!

Zombie Day/Quest (ages 7+) and Overnight Zombie Camp (ages 10+):

Today’s Special: Try a free Introductory Lesson or Monthly Event with your Nerf Blaster at the Guard Up! Facility in Burlington Massachusetts to get an idea of what Zombie Summer Camp is like:  (limit one per person – new campers only)

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Join us for an unforgettable adventure. Create your own character in an ongoing storyline that never repeats. Choose your special skills and your favorite NERF Blaster (provided or bring your own!). Decide what to do next when opportunity (or trouble) arises. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Defenders as you fight gruesome zombies, solve life threatening mysteries, protect the fragile land, and forage for supplies.

Reclaim the destiny of the human race, Defender…

Parents (and Campers): Your child or teen (Defender) will have a blast with all of the adventure at our camps… and learn a thing to two in the process. Many of our activities are designed to promote education while campers strive to solve the mysteries before them. For example:

*Campers learn basic first aid skills (comes in handy after a zombie attack)

*Campers learn how to plan to obtain objectives and reach long term goals (you can’t win a battle without strategies and tactics).

*Campers learn about biology, environmental sciences and conservation (the Defenders are the protectors of the land of Sidleterra, their source of adventure, life and resources).

*We have Archeologists and Historians on staff (no kidding!) who are resources for the young Defenders as they research the various civilizations (and zombies!) and past technology (powerful artifacts!) from real world history, literature and mythology.

*Life skills are refined as campers learn how to work as a team (to infiltrate the zombie’s lair), learn problem solving (riddles, puzzles and traps!) and experience the opportunity to actively practice important character traits (honor, courage and compassion).

*Our Zombie Day Camp is held at the Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship facility in Burlington, MA – located near the Burlington Mall. Our Zombie Overnight and Quest Day Camp is held at Gann Academy in Waltham, MA. Our Overnight and Quest Campers eat in the dining hall (in between your skirmishes with zombies, that is).

*Quest Day Camp provides transportation from various locations to our Overnight Camp in Waltham and back again each day. This allows Campers ages 7+ to experience the intensity of the Overnight Camp but be home each night in time for dinner.

* Our camp takes safety seriously.  We have a 4:1 camper to staff ratio.  Our average staff age is 26 – we don’t have teenagers as counselors.  All of our counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid – not just our medical staff.  Our counselors are on 2-Way Radios, which is good for our story logistics, but also available in case of emergency.  Our camp is run by parents who have their own children attend this camp.  Yes, an active adventure can have higher risks than playing computer games… but an active camper is also at a risk of having more fun!

*Our scholarship and financial aid program makes it possible for families who need financial assistance to provide their children with a summer camp experience unlike any other.

Zombie Camp Newsletter

Zombie Summer Camp:

Where adventure, learning and friends await!
(and zombies… don’t forget the zombies…)

Zombie Summer Camps are licensed summer camps operated by The Story School, Inc. – a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for story based education.  Guard Up, Inc. owns the Points & Powers Game System used by The Story School. NERF is a trademark owned by Hasbro Inc.  The Story School and Guard Up Inc are not associated with Hasbro Inc.

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Zombie Overnight Camp:
July 5th – July 10th, 2015 in Waltham, MA (Ages 10+)

Zombie Quest Day Camp:
July 5th- July 10th, 2015 in Waltham, MA (Ages 7-9 and 10+)

Zombie Day Camp:
June 22nd – July 2nd and August 10th – August 28th, 2015 in Burlington, MA (Ages 7+)
Individual sessions possible.

Additional weeks of Quest and Overnight Camp are available at the Wizards & Warriors Camp (a medieval version of  Zombie Camp where campers fight with foam swords) which is held at the same location in Waltham, MA.

Zombie Summer Camp is a licensed camp, member of the American Camping Association and is operated by The Story School, Inc. – a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for story based education. Winter and Spring School Break Adventures are also available at the Guard Up Burlington facility. The Day Camp (ages 7-15) is located at our facility in Burlington, MA and runs from 9am-3pm with Extended Day options that allow early drop off and pickup as late as 6pm. The Quest Day Camp (ages 7-9 and 10-17) provides transportation to and from our Waltham location and surrounding communities and the Overnight Camp (ages 10-17). Transportation is provided to and from the Boston Airport for travelers.

Special Discounts for pre-registration end soon.

Call (781) 270-4800 for more information or to register.

Note:  Our classes, events, and camps uses foam weapons and masks which are constructed with latex.
This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.